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Thesis 66 – Viral Octopus Manifesto

Viral Octopus Manifesto #66

Teaching and learning from one another. 

Access to digital excellence, and to anything that could teach something about how the world could work best, must be absolutely unlimited and complete.

We always give precedence to the imperative “Hands on!” “put our hands on it!”, an empirical and curious approach to problems, experimenting and learning from the problem we are studying.

The world is full of fascinating problems just waiting to be solved. Do you want to be able to examine existing systems and excellent projects to understand them and get to know them? Do it with us and in this way it will be possible both to improve these projects, but also to create new ones and better ones.

We become teachers for each other, we really get in touch. A master of excellence, even if he has only two or three followers, does not describe the excellent work method in detail. The only way to study with him is to eat with him, talk to him, do as many jobs as possible with him. 



Pietro Bonomo
CEO @Viral Octopus