Project Management
Care of the project is his mission. Customer satisfaction is his mantra. The Strategist is the controller who is ultimately responsible for delivering results.
  • Safe earnings every month
  • Punctual payments
  • The best team possible


You are the connection between the team and the client. You have excellent interpersonal skills and you are able to keep the team cohesive in difficult moments.

You know the elements that make up a digital strategy and the...

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How it works

You will receive the brief from the client and obtain materials and shares them with the team using the tools provided by VO.

You will have to clarify deadlines and communicate them to team members, coordinating workflow....

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What you need to provide

You will turn the client's brief into precise instructions for the team according to the guidelines. You will prepare all the tools necessary for the Specialists to perform their tasks correctly, and check the quality of the Specialist's...

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Ensuring On-time Delivery

The Strategist monitors the project through the tools provided, foresees any critical issues in execution and acts accordingly to avoid delays in delivery.

Maintaining Quality

The Strategist keeps his knowledge of best practices in digital strategy up to date, knows the best strategy for each sector, verifies that the work performed by the Specialist complies with the guidelines of the GIG and guides them towards effective results.

Monitoring Results

The Strategist check the progress of the project and monitor the results, identifies the most useful KPIs, and knows how to interpret them in order to steadily refine projects to deliver the best possible results.


Experiences and Skills

Digital Marketing Knowledge

The Strategist knows the elements of digital strategy and understands the requirements and problems. The Strategist has performed or managed the following activities: Social Media Management, Google AdWords, SEO, Web Development, Web Analytics.


The Strategist has experience in team management and has excellent communication skills that allow him to relate with customers.

Project Management

The Strategist considers himself the owner of the project and ensures that it is carried out in the best possible way.


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