Facebook Specialist

Create and manage advertising campaigns on Facebook to reach business objectives
  • Safe earnings every month
  • Punctual payments
  • The best team possible


You are the the link between the website, the Facebook page and the customers’ business objectives. You have excellent analytical skills, a deep knowledge of online marketing dynamics and can create and manage advertising campaigns on...

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How it works

You receive the brief from the Strategist and obtains material that will help you create effective campaigns. You have to perform your tasks within the deadline and monitor the campaigns periodically, as needed.

At the end...

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What you need to provide

Please bring consistency, precision, and passion to make the campaigns perform at their best.You need to follow the Strategists’ directions promptly to ensure the project stays on time. You have to provide feedback and suggestions to...

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Ensuring Timely Delivery

The Facebook Specialist monitors the project through the tools provided, anticipates any problems in execution and acts accordingly to avoid delivery delays.

Maintaining Quality

The Facebook Specialist knows strategic best practices and knows the best approach to execute for every type of campaign in detail. The Facebook Specialist works with the team in accordance with the guidelines of the GIG and targets his effort for an effective result.

Monitoring Results

The Facebook Specialist checks the progress of the project, monitors the results, identifies the most useful KPIs and knows how to interpret them in order to refine efforts and deliver the ever-improving results.


Experiences and Skills

Digital Marketing Knowledge

The Facebook Specialist knows the elements of a digital strategy and understands their requirements and problems. The Facebook Specialist has performed or managed the following activities: Social Media Management, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Lead generation strategies. In particular, has worked at least 12 months on these tasks, preferably with customers in diverse sectors.


The Facebook Specialist has experience working on projects with teams, has excellent communication skills, understands that advertising campaigns require different voices in different contexts and can suggest best practices for every phase of the funnel and segment of the market.

Ads Strategy, bidding and scaling

The Facebook Specialist knows how to approach advertising on Facebook, correctly, analytically and professionally. The Facebook Specialist knows what it means to scale a campaign, create a data-driven and funnel-based strategy, and knows how to use the manual bidding system on Facebook in order to limit problems with ads distribution and maximize ROI.


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