Our Expert consultants swoop in on a client’s jumbled heap of good ideas and dangerous misconceptions and save the day. They assess the clients starting place and their goals and then in Deus Ex Machina fashion, they deliver a comprehensive strategy to bring the client’s dreams to life using our systematic but flexible approach.
  • Multiple possibilities for monetization
  • Highly professional network
  • Be part of a disruptive and innovative project


The Experts are entrepreneurs, managers, disseminators and innovators from any part of the world who have achieved prestigious successes in various sectors such as innovation, business, finance, branding, management, etc.

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How it works

Anyone can apply as Expert but to become a Viral Octopus Expert, you must pass a competency evaluation conducted by our scientific committee for your field.

The Experts will have a personal website at their disposal where...

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What you need to provide

To request a review by the scientific committee of Viral Octopus you must provide your bio, a quality photo, and any publications.

Once you have become an Expert you will need to commit to writing at least 6 articles a year...

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Writing of a minimum of 6 articles per year

the articles are not only a monetization opportunity for the experts but contribute to the global value offered by Viral Octopus, thus enhancing the attractiveness for new customers.

Maintaining Quality

The expert must keep their knowledge of best practices up to date. They know the best strategy in their sector and use it for the best results. They verify that the work performed by the specialist complies with the guidelines of the GIG and guides them towards effective results.

Being available to the client

During the consultancy period, the consultant must guarantee his availability to the client for any requests or questions within the project room in the Viral Octopus chat room.

Following the guidelines

Viral Octopus will provide specific instructions on the entire workflow.


Experiences and Skills

Strong vertical skills

Experts are people who share their experiences and their know-how with the client to provide them with the best possible solution for their business and their needs.

Digital Landscape Knowledge

The Expert knows the elements of the digital landscape and understands the requirements and problems.


The Expert has excellent communication skills that allow him or her to relate to customers.


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