Spreading the love Viral Octopus has for his work is the Ambassador’s mission. He or she will only have to do what makes him most happy: to be among people and to communicate.
  • Multiple monetization possibilities
  • Highly professional network
  • Be part of an innovative and disruptive project


The Ambassadors are hybrid figures between PR and Salesperson. They are the disseminators of Viral Octopus and have the important role of spreading the Viral Octopus Loop to their community in a mutual exchange of opportunities and...

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How it works

To access the role of Ambassador, you must pass a test that demonstrates your understanding of the Viral Octopus system. Ambassadors will have both a proactive function of disseminating the system and consulting through the tools of Viral...

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What you need to provide

To become a Viral Octopus Ambassador you must pass a test that demonstrates your thorough knowledge of the Viral Octopus Loop and your familiarity with Digital Marketing.



Spreading Viral Octopus content within your own network and in each digital community in line with the brand.


Advise Viral Octopus customers in a timely fashion and accurately when accepting support calls within Viral Octopus Chat.

Management and monitoring of activities

Follow the guidelines and learn about the management dashboard that will be provided by Viral Octopus.


Experiences and Skills

Knowledge of the digital landscape

The Ambassador knows the key elements of the digital world and understands its mechanics and main problems.


The Ambassador has excellent communication skills that allow him to relate to Viral Octopus customers.


the Ambassador knows Viral Octopus Loop in depth and has a strong ability to listen to the needs of the digital community, to respond to them by disseminating and proposing services and all content created by Viral Octopus' experts and curators as opportunities and solutions to the needs expressed.


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