#3 How to make your work indispensible. Linchpin with Seth Godin.
February 1, 2019
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What is the biggest problem that afflicts industries all over the world? Excess production.

Factories have become productive systems so efficient as to overcome any kind of demand. Yet, we possess an impressive amount of useless items.

What makes productions so efficient? The processes and instructions that we follow.

Processes so perfect that replacing a person with a machine who follows the instructions costs as much as two burgers from McDonald’s, making what you do fundamentally insignificant.

How did we get to this? The industry needed people trained to follow instructions and to comply. What did we invent? The school system. An old system of 150 years in which, if you do not comply, you are punished with bad grades, rejected and socially marginalized. If you are ready to accept mediocrity and conformity, you will be rewarded and “installed” in the place reserved for you to follow the instructions.

Today there are robots and globalization. You are replaceable.

Today you can no longer be insignificant and simply follow the instructions. Instead, no matter how scary it may seem, you have to choose to be an exceptional and indispensable core (linchpin).

The Linchpins are like artists. They see their work as a platform for their art and pour emotional effort into it every day.



The art of Linchpin is a unique gift, immeasurably precious, that is given to others.

Linchpins make work an art. They are able to deal with the unexpected and connect with people and make them better.

Why is it essential to become a Linchpin? Today, if your job consists only of following instructions, you are replaceable.

Linchpins are essential because, by showing passion for their work, they will be able to inspire others to excel.

What prevents most people from becoming Linchpins? Fear.

The ancient brain plays bad jokes. We are trained to be compliant and like Pavlov’s dogs, we respond with a reflex conditioned to the sound of the bell of lateral thinking.

Enjoy this mind blowing video of Seth Godin that I discovered and join the Community of Linchpins at Viral Octopus.


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