#2 The New Science of Customer Emotions
December 14, 2018
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Is focusing on customer satisfaction the best way to maximize growth of your brand? Not according to recent studies.


A customer with an emotional attachment to the brand is worth 52% more than a satisfied customer. In this video by Harvard Business Review, we’re going to see how Scott Magids, Alan Zorfas and Daniel Leemon, through analyzing thousands of brands, have proven that an emotionally involved customer:

  • makes more purchases
  • visits the website and shops more frequently
  • is less likely to be influenced by the price
  • pays closer attention to communication
  • follows advice given
  • will recommend the brand to others


How does a brand create emotional attachment? What are some of the strategies that can be used? How can the improvements be measured?


Find out the answer to these questions and get more powerful insights in this 8 minute video.