#48 Guru Chris White: Bring out the best in your employees
March 8, 2022
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Do you remember when 20,000 Google employees walked out in protest over the treatment of women at the company? That was crazy, wasn’t it? Imagine the sense of security the employees must have felt to be able to mobilize and walk out without fear of reprisals. 

How do you create a team that feels comfortable and engaged enough to be their absolute best? Guru Chris White says that there are 3 easy strategies that managers can use to create a work culture that brings out the best in their employees and keeps their employees engaged. 


Unblock your communication

A team that communicates openly without pressure, judgment, or consequence is going to perform better and that’s just a simple fact. When employees feel they can express themselves in a safe environment, that’s often when you get their best ideas.

Having 20,000 employees walk out on a single day isn’t the ideal situation for Google, but those employees signaled something about the company. Google had created a work culture where employees felt safe enough to take drastic action to better the company. 


Become more responsive

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, didn’t run from the complaints of the striking employees. Instead, he sent an email to everyone saying that he understood their anger and would work to better the work culture at the company. By acknowledging the issue at hand and committing to improving corporate practices, Pichai showed employees that they were being heard and that their opinions matter. 

Managers looking to get the best out of their teams should always be responsive and not shy away from facing tougher issues. It may not always be easy, but it will start to create a work culture that is more open and productive. 


Start aiming higher

People should be encouraged to bring their full selves to work because when they do, the company just has more to offer. Engaging the life experiences, passions,  values, and unique strengths of employees has far-reaching benefits in any corporate environment. 

When Disney Europe ran a contest for new and innovative business ideas, one of their Finance directors decided to apply. She was also the mother of a dyslexic son and raised small signage changes that could make reading easier for Disney’s dyslexic customers. Because Disney fostered a culture where every employee brought their entire self to work, they could now better serve an even larger customer base.


Creating a corporate culture that can foster the best teams isn’t an easy task, but a necessary one.  Take your first steps towards your best team ever by unblocking communication, being responsive, and always aiming higher!