#44 How To Become An Exceptional Leader – Four Insights From Tony Robbins – Part 1
January 11, 2022
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Tony Robbins is famous for coaching effective leaders who reach the highest levels of success. He once persuaded a young Marc Benioff to jump off a bridge. Benioff later founded Salesforce. Tony’s classes cost up to $8,000, but we have condensed a free sample of some of four of his excellent insights. In an interview with Inc. Magazine, he shared some of his thoughts on leadership along with fascinating illustrative anecdotes about the successful people he has coached. It’s a bit longer than most of our recommended videos, but it’s full of interesting stories. We will just cover four of the most important insights here. In our next article, we will share three more. 


Emotional Leadership, Learning, Growth, and Service

A good leader learns to influence the feelings and emotions and hence the actions of others. Tony believes to be a truly effective and authentic leader, you need to commit to relentless learning and growth and you need to discover a sense of purpose that involves service for the greater good. We agree. Here at VO, our motto is: be smart; be useful. 


Understand People First 

In order to lead people effectively, you have to take the time to know them and understand them. To get a person motivated to do what you need them to do, you have to recognize their fundamental motivations. At Viral Octopus, we survey all our team members to understand their interests and their deeper desires. 


Confidence and Commitment 

Tony also believes it is important to be confident in your ability to succeed. He tells of a man who looked for a shipwreck for 27 years before he finally found it to illustrate his point. If you keep really trying, you can succeed. But if you are just doing the same thing that failed, you are not really trying. You have to learn from your mistakes. 

You also can’t let yourself fall prey to the illusion that you have peaked. There is always more if you seek it. If you believe there is more treasure in your business and you seek it passionately, you will find it. Destroy your limitations, says Tony. Viral Octopus leadership is always looking for new ways to expand and our collective is researching, sharing, and absorbing new developments in each member’s area of expertise. 


Get In A Peak State 

This concept kind of stands apart from the others, but it’s very important to Tony. In his reckoning, it is a crucial pillar of his own remarkable success. (In addition to his book sales and his courses, he manages 12 companies in diverse sectors with $5 billion in revenue.) He observes that your mental state determines your results. If you are frustrated or tired or overwhelmed or really anything but determined, passionate, and optimistic, you are not going to get the best possible results. Tony believes anyone can learn to always be positive. It is not purely a mental thing, he points out. The mind-body connection is important. Posture changes your body chemistry. Merely changing your posture can change your outlook and your outcome. 


Up Next – Three More Insights from Tony Robbins

In our next article, we will continue our summary of the Inc. interview with three more useful insights. We will talk about types of leaders and how they work together, how to foster growth, and the importance of realizing you don’t know what you are doing.