Pietro Bonomo

Visionary and Founder


I consider myself an “Evangelist of the new digital era.”

I owe it all to internet and its potential. I saw the birth of internet, it’s growth and it becoming universal. It has given me the economic stability and the happiness of living my life as I have always dreamed of.
Through the network I have seen people unite against governments, the eruption of revolutions, exposure of fraudsters and dreams coming true for entrepreneurs.

After 14 years of experience in e-commerce, wholesale, retail and customer acquisition for franchising. Four years ago I adapted to the cause of Lean Innovation. I decided to dissect the digital world starting from my past entrepreneurial experience, to adapt the principles of Lean Innovation, usually intended for large companies, to small and medium enterprise.

After 4 years of study I finally created the Viral Octopus Loop. A system of design, development and management of e-commerces, based on eight key pillars. Like the eight tentacles of the octopus: business modeling, planning, experience selling proposition, development, growth hacking, trends hunting, analytics and optimization.

My intention is provide your company with the tools for a successful e-commerce, so that you will be the next dreamer to become a successful entrepreneur.

My thoughts and visions.

United States