The Power of Chat Marketing: Six Shocking Statistics & Ten Tips


Good chat marketing is a multi-channel approach to instantly engage customers on their preferred platform, whether they are interacting with your brand on your own website or on Facebook or Instagram or you are reaching them with automated SMS communications. Chat marketing is growing explosively. Why did the use of chatbots increase by a whopping 92% since 2019? We could make a guess that it has something to do with their mind-blowing effectiveness. Let’s take a look at six statistics that show the awesome power of chat marketing and then we will talk about chat marketing strategy and 10 quick tips for successful chat marketing, plus a bonus tip.   

Six Shocking Statistics About Chat Marketing

  1. Consumers are warming up to chatbots Comparing 2018 and 2019, consumers’ willingness to engage with chatbots has doubled. (Forbes)
  2. Consumers love the rapid response Chatbots are great for delivering quick answers to simple questions, so it is no surprise that 69% of consumers prefer to use chatbots for simple questions. (Salesforce)
  3. Consumers don’t miss people You might think people crave that “human touch” but 65% feel comfortable resolving their problems with a chatbot instead of a human agent. (Adweek)
  4. Consumers love how chatbots are always there Of consumers polled, 64% said that round-the-clock service was the most useful aspect of chatbots. (The Chatbot )
  5. Chatbot response rates are great Manychat’s clients get an average open rate of 80% and a click-through rate of 25%.
  6. Chatbots are increasingly able to get the whole job done Back in 2017, chatbots only managed to handle conversations from start to finish without a live agent 20% of the time. But in 2019, chatbots were over 250% more effective, handling conversations from start to finish in 68.9% of conversations without an agent’s help. So you can deliver answers faster most of the time. Any good chatbot service will support transfers to a live agent when it is necessary. 

What is a Chat Marketing Strategy?

Chat marketing is promoting and selling your products through chat apps like Facebook chat, Instagram DM, SMS, and chat apps operating on your own website. Chat marketing strategy follows customers from their first engagement to the purchase and beyond, keeping customers engaged and working to turn them into brand evangelists. It is an efficient way to improve customer service, build relationships with your customers, and move them through the sales funnel using personalized automated messages. A great chat marketing strategy finds opportunities through the customer lifecycle to enhance service and brand loyalty with chatbots.   

Top Ten Tips for Chatbot Marketing 

  • Determine the FAQs One of the most important facts to know when setting up a chatbot is: what are the FAQs? Survey the people who have direct customer contact and find out what people usually ask about. Teach your bot the answers and give your customers instant interactive responses.
  • Offer a human option Most people love chatbots. That leaves some people who don’t. Don’t disappoint those customers. Do your best to have a human available as many hours as possible, and let people know how to reach a person in your initial chatbot greeting.
  • Think about your tone and your welcome message If a person was answering chat messages, you would want them to write in a way that reflects your brand and will feel comfortable to your customers. Whether it is formal or informal or serious or flippant, your brand has a voice and your chatbot should use it. Develop a warm welcome message that offers options users want in your brand voice.
  • Measure effectiveness If you don’t look at the data, you won’t know how well your chatbot is working. Some things, like reductions in human-answered requests, are easy to measure. But you should do follow-up surveys to make sure people are loving the service they get from your bot or find out what you can improve. It takes a bit more effort, but you can use discount codes and UTMs on your links to measure sales.
  • Chatbots are great for straightforward repetitive processes like processing returns Chatbots are very effective for answering common questions about products, inventory checks, booking reservations, processing returns, recommending cross-sell and up-sell items after a purchase, confirming orders, and tracking shipping, or simply act like an operator and direct questions to the correct live agent.
  • Use chatbots as a content delivery system People think of chatbots as an inbound system, but you can use them for outbound marketing too. You can ask your customers to opt-in for outbound marketing and then send them news through chat. Open rates can be pretty spectacular with this approach.
  • Chatbots are good for surveys too People like to feel heard. Somehow when you send them an email asking them their opinion though, they often will not respond. Response rates with chatbots can be higher. Shorter surveys are best. And of course, for any outbound communication, you need to get people to opt-in first.
  • Use Chatbots to create and execute drip marketing campaigns You’ve probably heard of email drip campaigns that send customers a series of emails over time to nudge them along the customer journey. A chatbot with integrations can be used to trigger email campaigns. Some chatbots, like Manychat, even support SMS message drip campaigns. And you can use your chatbot to collect information about the customer’s interest to deliver personalized drip campaigns that bring them back into chat for further interaction. The possibilities are endless.
  • Use live data to enrich your chatbot’s communication A good chatbot service will allow you to access live data that is relevant to your customers and present it dynamically. For example, if you have an E-commerce business, connecting your chatbot so that it can give answers about stock levels can be very helpful.
  • Let people know you have a chatbot They are very effective, as long as people know they are there. Don’t keep your chatbot a secret. Announce it prominently everywhere you can, and then watch customer satisfaction soar while sales skyrocket.
  Bonus Tip: Get Started with Chatbot Marketing Today! Ok, is this really a tip? Yes! Because Chatbot marketing only works if you actually do it. Just thinking about it does not count. Manychat makes it easy to set up, manage, and continuously improve multi-channel chatbots. We highly recommend this service. Check it out!    

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