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Pietro Bonomo
Marketing/Product Designer

I consider myself an “Evangelist of the new digital... Learn more

The Web Summit, the Dream, the Community, and the nine dots that change everything. Road to Lisbon
By Pietro Bonomo
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Introducing H.alg: disrupting the outsourcing market
By Pietro Bonomo
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Introducing Viral Octopus Beta 2
By Pietro Bonomo
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Viral Octopus Beta v2.5 “Ulu” is coming

Uluwatu (Ulu) is one of Indonesia’s dream waves. Long, big, powerful, barreling. You enter and exit a narrow cave with a crazy current that threatens to drag you into the rocks.

It is risky and exhausting to attempt, but not surfing that wave means missing an opportunity to enter a sacred place. However, that place is not for everyone.

For this reason we have dedicated this release to that place. The most complex and risky release we have faced to date. A thing that is not for everyone.

Complex due to technical content and risky because the intrinsic difficulty has drained many of our intellectual and economic resources, with the risk of losing focus and availability.

We believed in it and now it’s here. Here is what we developed.

Gigs Navigator v0.2: your guide in the web Jungle

Viral Octopus wants to become that sacred place where entrepreneurs find answers.

From the birth of their first idea, going through the execution and the approach to the market, entrepreneurs have been overwhelmed with tasks. They must delegate. Finding teams, suppliers and negotiating the price only slows everything down and causes stress.

Viral Octopus wants to become the only point of contact and the only supplier needed to realize the dreams of any entrepreneur at any level. The goal is to provide up to 1,500 different tasks / gigs within 3 years.

Through Viral Octopus, entrepreneurs or aspirants will be able to open a company, a bank account, register a domain, find an assistant, develop leads, promote the brand, analyze performance, optimize the company and whatever else may come to mind.

Imagine the complexity of choosing the right gig in this Kasbah of opportunities … But we want to simplify, not complicate.

Starting from the assumption that only those who will be able to define goals, objectives and budget will complete the enterprise, we have developed the “Gigs Navigator”.

Just select the goals and budget and Viral Octopus will show exactly the most suitable gigs. If a potential client is still uncertain, our super experts are available to consult.

Did I say Expert? Who am I?

Expert Hub v0.1

The Experts are curious by nature, the people who always want to know more. They are creative. They live by lateral thinking. They know how to listen, and are always able to find a simple and effective solution to the most complex problems.

They are the thought leaders. They love to share their knowledge. They have the overall vision and know how to connect the dots. It is people who can, with a few sentences, influence the choices of an entrepreneur for the better and sometimes change the world.

The Experts will write useful content in the area reserved for them. They can be hired to help with strategies, to solve a problem, clear up a doubt, or be recruited for Dream Services Premium Services for large companies.

Hire an Expert 

The Experts join the Specialist and Strategist Collective to complete the offer.

Above all, they will be the protagonists of a revolution in the world of blogging, creating new sources of knowledge for the public and revenue streams for themselves.

CrowdBlog v0.1 and VO revenue streams

What are VO revenue streams? Every time someone comes into contact with a useful content article, there is a “before” story and an “after” story. .

A user could come into contact with some content because someone shared it, or because they saw an advertising campaign. After reading an article, (s)he could get interested in the subject and read another article by a colleague. At that moment (s)he could receive enlightenment and want to act by buying a Gig led by a fellow Specialist.

All have contributed to the satisfaction, to the knowledge of the client and to the economic growth of the Collective. In the full spirit of the Community we share the burdens, honors and profits. The last three people involved in landing a client will receive a lifetime compensation from the revenue stream for that customer. They activate a passive income.

Now, imagining an article that becomes viral, how many success stories, how many revenue streams will open? Imagine the potential endless earning opportunities!


Become an Expert

Ambassador Hub v0.1. Only if it is love.

There are many ways to contribute to the Collective. Produce content and provide advice in the Expert function, run campaigns as Specialists or Strategists, or spread the Love we have for this job as an Ambassador.

The Ambassador is an extremely versatile role. As described above, you will be able to share the content developed by the Experts, share the Gigs with those who need them, create pre-filled shopping carts, and be paid for your contribution.

This description does not fully express the potential, so I will describe some scenarios.

  • You are an influencers. Find an article that fits your audience and share it.
  • You are a popularizer. Link your contribution to that of a Viral Octopus Expert.
  • You are a professional and want to create a bundle of products for your customers using the gigs in VO. Create a landing page and add a link to a pre-set VO cart.
  • Read a request for help in a Facebook group and link to content that can help.

Your imagination is the only limit.

There is a revelation I want to make, even if it is premature.

We will send our leads directly to the best Ambassadors who will be able to personally spread the Creed, Passion and Skills … and make money.

In short, imagine in how many ways you can open revenue streams and how many ways the Ambassadors can earn by contributing to the growth of the Collective.

In conclusion, we are almost ready.

Become an Ambassador

Viral Octopus begins to grow into the reality we had imagined. As I write, the Collective grows.

Freezing the status to date, we have:

  • 478 Users
  • 7 Experts
  • 10 Copywriters
  • 13 Facebook Specialists
  • 5 CRO Experts
  • 18 Strategists
  • 15 Google Ads Specialists
  • 3 Instagram Specialists
  • 3 Web developers
  • 7 Graphic Designers

We are still far from the final goal of 100+ Giggers, 50+ Experts, but we are more than halfway to our first goal.

Soon it will be time to put the car in motion.

Experts will do what they like most, creating content, strategies and ideas.

Ambassadors will feel gratified to do what makes them happy, to be among people and to communicate.

The Giggers, the creators, will be in the place that puts a smile on their faces, in the workshop getting their hands dirty.

All gaining fairly for the contribution they make in a trustless system. The algorithms will track, evaluate, and pay.

An almost perfect ecosystem, which we will make perfect together, over time.

One last bit of news. Viral Octopus will finally present our product in an official capacity to the world at the most important startup event on the planet, RISE Conference in Hong Kong, from 8 to 11 July 2019.

In addition to looking for funds, mentors, partners and media exposure to aim high, we will cover the event with Live Interviews, AMA and live posting of the event. So, somehow, you will all be with us.

Ad Maiora!

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Marketing/Product Designer

I consider myself an “Evangelist of the new digital era.”

I owe it all to internet and its potential. 

I saw the birth of internet, it’s growth and it becoming universal. 

It has given me the economic stability and the happiness... Learn more

The Web Summit, the Dream, the Community, and the nine dots that change everything. Road to Lisbon
By Pietro Bonomo
Learn more
Introducing H.alg: disrupting the outsourcing market
By Pietro Bonomo
Learn more
Introducing Viral Octopus Beta 2
By Pietro Bonomo
Learn more