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Pietro Bonomo
Marketing/Product Designer

I consider myself an “Evangelist of the new digital... Learn more

Introducing H.alg: disrupting the outsourcing market
By Pietro Bonomo
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Viral Octopus Beta v2.5 “Ulu” is coming
By Pietro Bonomo
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Introducing Viral Octopus Beta 2
By Pietro Bonomo
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The Web Summit, the Dream, the Community, and the nine dots that change everything. Road to Lisbon

New Release With Powerful Project Manager, VO Attends Web Summit

Here we are for a new update. 

Coming up with a great idea is hard. Launching a startup is even harder. Launching an innovative startup is a mission. Launching a disruptive startup is a fight to the death. 

You will swing from a state of euphoria to deep depression. 

Each day that passes without a victory will grind you down, and your wallet will become thinner as you nervously spend without any certainty of results. From the chair you have glued yourself to, you can see mediocre advancing. 

Meanwhile, you are always there, working day after day towards a seemingly ever-receding goal, but you know that you are surrounded by people who are working hard alongside you to make the dream come true.

Do you believe? You know it will be a great thing and you are not the only one who realizes the immense potential of your idea and your effort. 

Sharks sniff the blood miles away. And here you are exhausted physically and mentally and someone arrives with a grin offering you money and/or help, and little by little, they try to take everything. 

These have been some incredible months. We suffered defections, missed promises, and attempts to steal the code, but we have broad shoulders and with a strong shake, we freed ourselves, albeit with some scars. And then one day … 

Those 9 dots, at the top, right of the screen.

What are those dots? Victory! Salvation. 

A shining paradigm of excellence to replace a world of shifty charlatans, slick self-credentialed hustlers, and unwitting incompetents. 

This is the entry point for the Viral Octopus Business Manager, where H.alg resides, the heart of the platform.

Il Business Manager (Alpha)

Skype, Trello, Asana, Analytics, Social Insight, accounting management, email, then with Zapier you connect everything and everything works, except when the apps are disconnected and you have to reconnect them while skipping all the processes. 

You lost 6 months, but now you have found sanctuary. 

Everything is working very well unless one of the tools changes the rates and / or the APIs. And then you get to do it all again. But you are ready. What if there was an all-in-one solution that included:

  • Chat
  • A Killer Project Management tool
  • Analytic Dashboard (coming soon)
  • A Wallet
  • A Community of Experts,

at your service, managed by a Robot who is able to offer you the perfect team for your project, selected from the best experts on the market? 

It is now easy to manage a business with all these tools. Just let Halg find the perfect people to do the work, create a team, observe the procedures, give them a little information, and you’re done. 

Say HELLO to Viral Octopus v.3.5 “Lisbona” (beta) (Launch November 4, 2019) 

With Viral Octopus Lisbon you can manage your projects and purchase packages that will automatically generate Team on demand to help you where you are most lacking. And you can earn real money by becoming an Ambassador. Or just join the community to stay informed about all the market news and bleeding-edge marketing strategies, techniques and tactics, thanks to our Community of Experts.

The Community

Speaking of Community … The Viral Octopus Bootcamp, which opened its doors to everyone for the first time with a charity event, “Nomads for Change”, in Bali in collaboration with Nomads Limitless, has just ended 

It was a huge success: more than 300 wonderful humans from all over the world, twenty-one speeches and workshops over 2 days in a splendid villa in Ubud, in the Balinese mountain. 

We chose Bali because it is the world capital of remote workers. If you did not have to go to the office every morning at 9:00 am, where would you choose to live?

Join our community of digital entrepreneurs and digital professionals: Bali Digital Nomads.


If you did not get a chance to join us in Bali for “Nomads for Change”, the next opportunity is in Lisbon, at the Web Summit. Help us grow the Community and we might pay for your ticket! Read on for details.

Web Summit  

After the RISE Conference in Hong Kong, it’s time to make ourselves known on the other side of the world. The Web Summit is one of the most important startup events in the world. 

All the big projects have been there and now we’ll be there too..  

 We have two goals for the Web Summit. Grow the Community by fishing from a pond full of brainy fish that can change the world, and find funds to make the platform more efficient, to feed the virtuous circle of excellence. 

On the investor side, we hope to give an important announcement soon. Work in progress …

On the Community side, we decided to go crazy. 

The first give-away from Viral Octopus. 

We ask you for help to reach a valuable milestone: 1000 new members.

In return, the most successful Ambassador will win a ticket for the Web Summit worth 1,500 euros.

But it is either all or nothing. 

The deal is simple: the Ambassador who recruits the largest number of new Community members wins the ticket, but only if we reach 1,000 subscribers. 

In reality, we all win, because 1,000 new brains can only enhance our collective competence by 1,000 times.

Participate now.  

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Marketing/Product Designer

I consider myself an “Evangelist of the new digital era.”

I owe it all to internet and its potential. 

I saw the birth of internet, it’s growth and it becoming universal. 

It has given me the economic stability and the happiness... Learn more

Introducing H.alg: disrupting the outsourcing market
By Pietro Bonomo
Learn more
Viral Octopus Beta v2.5 “Ulu” is coming
By Pietro Bonomo
Learn more
Introducing Viral Octopus Beta 2
By Pietro Bonomo
Learn more