Introducing Viral Octopus Beta 2

The first thing to do was to select the best experts, regardless of their geographical location. Since time immemorial, rites of passage have always been marked by tests.

The ritual and the test

To join the Viral Octopus Community of professionals, you do not have to send a pumped-up resume, an easily falsifiable portfolio, or dubious references. Instead, you must pass a test that demonstrates that you really have experience and that you have already faced and solved the most common day by day problems.

We have hired top professionals and psychologists to create a system of testing that is not only related to technique but also measures teamwork and the propensity for excellence.

After you pass the entrance test, you can enter the Viral Octopus Community. The candidate will have to sign the contract that includes the acceptance of the Viral Octopus Geek Manifesto, the document that lays the foundation of the promise of our commitment to the pursuit of excellence, not only in work but in life. For a better world.

Feature 2: excellence through shared knowledge

The professional is on board and is part of the community. From that moment it will be up to his or her will and interest to live up to his or her promise to excel.

Working with teams and talents from all over the world and every culture, how can we align? How can we become a team immediately?

My past as an American Football player came in handy: we need a Playbook!

We need a set of procedures and checklists to follow to perform the tasks assigned to the team in a coordinated and precise way. Hence the Guidelines Section is born.



For each service listed in the platform, there are guidelines on how to operate, tricks, strategies and precise instructions on how the various components of the team must interface.

But that is not all. Professionals can suggest changes and improvements that the Community can vote for or against adding to the guidelines.

Feature 3: everything under control

Houston, we DO NOT have a problem! It’s all under control.

How many times, turning to obscure agencies or finding ourselves in contact with anxious customers, did we see things turn ugly? Enough to make you want intravenous anti-anxiety drugs 24 hours a day?

A budget gets out of hand, there is never a clear answer, illegible reports, dubious times, unclear billing, difficult terminations. We have had problems. Now they are gone.

Here is the Viral Octopus Virtual Spoke V0.1. Imagine Viral Octopus as the wheel of a motorcycle. There is a hub that is at the center of everything, in our case the guidelines and services. Then there are spokes that transmit the movement of the hub to the wheel, the spokes are the teams that perform the services and carry the movement (knowledge) of the hub.

The Viral Octopus Virtual Spoke V0.1 is an integrated chat system for communicating with the Project Manager and obtaining the activity report in real time, and a Kanban Board which will be the framework that the team will use to communicate and execute the work.

Thus the promise is kept, the work is done quickly at the right price and without too much agonizing.


What does it mean to you?

Are you an entrepreneur?

  • Timely deliveries.
  • Timely notifications on your deliveries. Yes, because you too are part of the team.
  • Clarifications and reports in real time.
  • Work done right away and well.

Are you a professional?

  • Clear and coordinated tasks.
  • Simple and fast communication.
  • Less hours to perform the same task.

Power is nothing without control

Copying the very successful Pirelli’s famous slogan shamelessly, I can summarize the biggest release of Viral Octopus to date: VO Beta 2.0.

Managing a business is a heavy, complex and expensive activity in terms of energy.

As an entrepreneur, I had a dream …

Delegate some of my work-load to someone and get quality results quickly, in a timely manner, knowing a priori how much budget to allocate, and knowing that it would not cost me a fortune.

My dream became reality, thanks to an idea that was born some years ago.

An agency based on a community of great experts and specialists, able to provide all the high quality services necessary for the success of a business, thanks to the extreme specialization of the experts involved and keeping prices affordable.


An idea as powerful as ambitious. But how can we control quality and punctuality and make sure that we keep promises?

After years of study and attempts, we have found the solution by developing an integrated system of selection, project management, communication and control, which allows teams of specialists to work together effectively. It allows entrepreneurs to participate in the process and check the progress of real-time work through what we call the Viral Octopus Virtual Spoke 1.0.

My kingdom for a horse!

So said Richard III in the Shakespearean drama while, during the battle, he was thrown from his horse and surrounded by enemies.

Sometimes I feel like this: surrounded by enemies, usurpers, incapacitates and leeches, all ready to tear me up shred the company. Has it ever happened to you?

Almost all the entrepreneurs and professionals I know say this has happened during the launch of a new product, the development of a site, the opening of a new company, talking to the lawyer … At a certain point, you would only want to a horse to escape from all this.


Starting from an advantaged viewpoint, having been the victim of such harassment both as an entrepreneur and as a consultant, I tried to study a method that would allow a company to deliver an excellent service to as many entrepreneurs as possible, at a sustainable cost. I also wanted the method to give professionals the opportunity to work peacefully and with good remuneration.

No more optimization of costs and maximization of profits. #MediocritySucks!

So, I looked for ways to create a profitable offer, without having to have an expensive office and without reducing the ability to choose resources outside my neighborhood, avoiding having to hire hundreds of uncontrollable employees, hired by other uncontrollable employees, and without having to sweat seven different hats while working with unreliable freelancers.

Thank you for your trust. At Viral Octopus we are working like crazy to bring home the result. We are proceeding according to our roadmap in a precise and timely manner. The next release will be after the holidays.

Stay Tuned!

Pietro, Visionary @ Viraloctopus

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