How it works

We want to reach the excellence in projects, thanks to the work of the best professionals in the world

This is how we want to achieve it:

    1. The customers choose the service they need. Every service has a clear mission and transparent price.
    2. After the purchase, they will give us a real brief.
    3. We will choose the right persons for the service to create a team matching the client’s requirements and giggers experience and passions. You will be called via email when a new service is ready to start with all the information needed (gig purchased, business description, payout) and you can both accept or decline the proposal
    4. The strategist will be the only one that will link the team to the customer.
    5. We will give you precise guidelines for a perfect execution.
    6. You will have a custom environment to manage the project and to communicate each other.
  1. Services can be renewed every 28 days (Round), and you will earn every month. Check with your Strategist about renewal/cancel before the Round ends.
  2. After every Round, you will vote each other and our algorithm will consider the score for your next service

While you wait to be called, start reading more about our guidelines.