HALG and Disputes

Introducing H.ALG – Disrupting the Outsourcing Market


In order to outsource digital marketing tasks, you need a reliable partner who will assemble quality teams to deliver the work you need. Viral Octopus takes a unique approach to assemble ideal teams for outsourced digital marketing tasks and projects. Middle management regularly reaches the lofty heights of mediocrity but searching for an exemplar of team-building excellence, VO CEO Pietro Bonomo drew a blank. But there must be some guiding principles that could yield specific instructions and a robust process for selecting teams. The core principle is: start with people who know they are happiest when they are achieving excellence and then give people jobs that will make them and the client happy. Thus H.ALG, the Happiness Algorithm was born. 


Weighing Skills, Experience, and Passion To Create Perfect Digital Marketing Teams

In the Viral Octopus Collective, robots manage human resources and governance. The collective of experts organized by the robots and supported by the VO platform constitutes a  bias-free scalable multi-layered relay network to form teams and deliver services with real-time performance monitoring. H.Alg, the Happiness Algorithm sits at the top making decisions that make clients and the collective members that serve them happy. 

H.ALG is an algorithm that is designed to find the perfect match between the tasks required for a project and the skills, experience, and passions of the team members. H.ALG uses the VO Happiness Survey that profiles each team member’s personal interests and passions, their skill set and experience, and the client brief. For each project, clients will fill out a brief that includes details like principal language, target country, and target customer type. Team members have a “master score” that ranks their overall performance in their history with VO based on peer reviews and client reviews. Every possible team member also gets a “project score” to rank their suitability for the particular project in question. Skills and master score are not the only important factors – interest and passion count too. Reliable professionals can quickly adopt new skills but true passion must arise naturally from within. 

H.ALG will also remember specific teams that particular clients are happy with and give those with proven success automatic priority ranking on new projects from the same client. 


The Matching Process

Viral Octopus sells modular digital marketing services to companies that want to outsource. The modular services are standardized in the form of well-defined “Gigs.” A set of uniform defined roles is required for each gig. For instance, the SEO Content and Facebook Push gig requires a strategist, a copywriter, a Facebook specialist, and a graphic specialist. Each role has defined required skills and optimum behavior/personality characteristics. When a gig is purchased, the system sends H.ALG a request to fill the roles.

If the customer has an existing VO team that can fill the roles, H.ALG automatically offers the work to that team first. If there is no existing team or if some or all of the existing team is not available, H.ALG analyzes the roster of available professionals in the Viral Octopus Collective. The algorithm parses the brief into the necessary values for matching. Based on the requirements in the brief, H.ALG adjusts each potential team member’s general Master Ranking Score according to their suitability to create individual Project Ranking Scores. The three highest-ranking candidates are invited.


Money-Back Guarantee And Disputes

Viral Octopus is committed to excellence both as an enterprise and as a collective of marketing experts. But it is possible sometimes a team will fail to meet client expectations. When deadlines are not met or the work delivered does not meet the requirements of the brief, the client can open a dispute and apply for a full refund. Team members are also required to assess each other’s performance. The dispute system is set up so there is a clear incentive for team members to deliver excellent work but also to make a fair assessment of their work.