STAR SWOT Analysis Tool

  • Get the big picture
  • Organize your understanding
  • Step by step guide

STAR SWOT Analysis Tool

Your business can only go so far without planning. The difference between mediocrity and excellence begins with great strategic planning. And to make a great strategic plan, you need to get the big picture. What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? Build a base for your strategy with our STAR SWOT tool.
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  • ★   Get the big picture

  • ★   Organize your understanding

  • ★   Step by step guide

What you can expect

This tool helps you build a smart strategy by starting off in the right place with a solid understanding of the big picture. Einstein said, "If I have an hour to solve a problem, I would spend 55 minutes...

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Your Dedicated Team

This is a DIY gig, but veteran marketing strategist Edmund Bradford has provided detailed instructions you guide you through our online STAR SWOT framework...

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What you need to provide

You will use the tool by answering questions. 


What organization, products, services and market will you do the SWOT...

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Why should I do a SWOT?

You can’t make a plan based on nothing. And the more complete your understanding of your business environment is, the clearer your next steps become. A SWOT is not a strategic plan, but it is a very necessary first step, and once you complete it, the next steps will be obvious.

Why is the Viral Octopus tool better than just doing it on my own?

The Viral Octopus SWOT template uses a special “STAR” method to get the greatest possible benefits from your analysis. Plus every step of the way you will get guidance from veteran marketing strategist Edmund Bradford, who has helped companies achieve market dominance by using SWOT for 25 years.

Does this gig include a strategist?

This gig includes detailed instructions from a proven master of SWOT analysis, but does not include personalized advice. We can create a custom gig for you with an experienced business analyst by request.

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