Premium SEO Cornerstone Content

  • Top quality pillar page
  • Solid base for a content cluster
  • The best approach to SEO

Premium SEO Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content is the foundation of your SEO presence, a central “pillar page” that gives broad coverage of a topic area. This type of long-form article provides a central location to give an overview that provides a point of departure, linking to a cluster of related content.  Viral Octopus will not just deliver a perfectly written extended content piece for your readers - we will follow all the best practices to ensure it is indexed and ranked highly on search engines, providing a solid base for your ongoing content efforts.
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  • ★   Top quality pillar page

  • ★   Solid base for a content cluster

  • ★   The best approach to SEO

What you can expect

Viral Octopus will begin by assigning a strategist to discuss your brand, your customers and your products and develop an understanding of your big picture goals. Then you will provide a group of keywords...

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Your Dedicated Team

A Strategist to develop an understanding of your brand, help the copywriter develop the content concept, coordinate the team and act as your point of...

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What you need to provide

Summary information about your company, customers, products and goals

Keywords you aspire to...

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What is (or could be) cornerstone content for my business?

A very dense, informative text, a guide, or a summary of the topics that are relevant to your area of expertise. For instance, you want to blog about turntables for audiophiles. Cornerstone content may be a purchase guide: how to pick the correct one for any user budget, how to evaluate their quality, which are the best options and why etc.

Why should I consider one (or more) pillage pages for my website?

Through pillar pages (aka cornerstone content) you can educate your visitor on the problems you can solve, attracting visitors who are looking for complete, accurate information on a topic. This can build trust and be a great 'entrance door' to any other part of your website (e.g specific products).

How should I consider cornerstone content within my content strategy?

The idea behind cornerstone content is to help establish your site as an authority in your niche, giving more credibility to the rest of your content on your blog, thus helping your overall online presence. Generally speaking, this kind of content has a better chance of becoming visible when people search for the included topics. As your authority increases, so does your potential to rank in search results for major keywords. Also, a complete and accurate piece of content about multiple faces of a single topic has a larger chance of attracting natural links.

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