Newsletter Layout

  • Cross device compatibility
  • Two revisions
  • 7 days delivery

Newsletter Layout

We help you to design a perfect on-brand email template to inform and engage your community and include all the elements to get a sale.
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  • ★   Cross device compatibility

  • ★   Two revisions

  • ★   7 days delivery

What you can expect

Email Marketing is not dead. It has changed, but it is still one of the top sale and community channels in eCommerce. With a striking newsletter you keep the community in touch with your business and its value. We will help you to design...

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Your Dedicated Team

We will create a new newsletter layout on your tool (eg. MailChimp or ActiveCampaign), optimized for both desktop and smartphone clients.

What you need to provide

Access to the tool
General business information
Social Accounts
Topics (categories)
Objectives (es. pushing the blog articles, delivering new and exclusive contents...)

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Can I have a 3 columns layout, with this amazing font?

Our first priority is the performance. So, considering the fragmentation of the clients/devices market, we strongly suggest keeping the layout simple. A single column layout with few images and text, using one of the standard fonts, is the best choice for your business.

Can I use video on the email body?

Unfortunately, videos, apart from GIFs, are not well supported by the majority of the email clients, but we can link to video outside the email.

Can you guarantee the message won't go on the spam?

Spam filters consider a lot of things before labeling a message as spam. The layout is just one of them, so we can't assure you this won't happen. We do design our layouts so that nothing about them will trigger spam filters, however.

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