Google Analytics Setup

  • Understand traffic sources
  • Track conversion paths
  • Know your ROI

Google Analytics Setup

Every e-commerce or web project knows they need Google Analytics. But to fully understand how customers from different sources interact with the website you need an expert set up. It's not just installing a code - it's about making sure every single conversion is properly captured & understood as a complete customer journey. Sit, back, relax & enjoy the incredible insight that well-designed metrics can yield.
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  • ★   Understand traffic sources

  • ★   Track conversion paths

  • ★   Know your ROI

What you can expect

Google Analytics is the best and the most popular digital analytics software in the world. As a business owner or a marketer you need to understand what visitors are doing on your site, how they interact...

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Your Dedicated Team

Your Viral Octopus Strategist will help define your goals and KPIs....

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What you need to provide

Google Analytics - Administrative Access on property level (if preexisting)

CMS Userid/PW

FTP Access if needed

Brief discussion of your goals

Provide feedback within the timing of...

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Is it the right gig for me?

If you have an E-Commerce and you are anything less than thrilled with the insight you are getting from your analytics package, let one of our expert teams show you the light. Any analytics info is good, but mediocrity is contagious. Start with mediocre insight, get mediocre results. A great Google Analytics setup gives you the insight you need to fine tune your marketing machine into a scalable flywheel. If you want to reach for the stars, start by getting a good look inside your website with an expert analytics setup.

Why should I get this service?

You will be able to understand where you are wasting money and where your existing efforts are most effective. A smart analytics set up will allow you to save by identifying which marketing efforts are not working and reallocating money from them to your top performing efforts. You will also be able to see where a funnel is generally performing well but there is a big leak in it where you lose all the results. A great analytics setup helps you spot this sort of problem and fix it.

I tried spending money on analytics with another agency (or made an in-house effort) and I was disappointed. It did not change my results. Why would this be different?

You basically got the car, but you never got the key then. Analytics will let you track the data, but to get more out of it, you really want to set up the goals you want to monitor and report on, so you can see the important elements that are happening online. This can range from phone number clicks, form submissions, online bookings and associated revenue, and so on. You can create custom audiences based on the actions any user performs, like abandon a cart, and target your marketing efforts towards them. This way you can make more accurate, better targeted remarketing activities (and more!).

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