Google Analytics (GA4) and Tag Manager Setup Plus Integration

  • Understand Traffic Sources
  • Track Conversion Paths
  • Integrations & Tag manager included

Google Analytics (GA4) and Tag Manager Setup Plus Integration

Everyone knows they need Google Analytics. And now, with the switch from Universal Analytics to GA4, an expert setup is more important than ever to understand how customers interact with your website. It's not just installing a code or understanding the nuances of the new GA4 iteration; it's about ensuring every conversion is captured correctly and understood as a complete customer journey. This includes tag manager setup and integrations (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). With this gig, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the incredible insight that well-designed GA4 metrics can yield.
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  • ★   Understand Traffic Sources

  • ★   Track Conversion Paths

  • ★   Integrations & Tag manager included

What you can expect

Google’s Universal Analytics was already the best and the most popular digital analytics software...

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Your Dedicated Team

Your Viral Octopus Strategist will help define your goals and KPIs....

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What you need to provide

Google Analytics Administrative Access at property level (if...

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Is this the right gig for me?

If you have an e-commerce site and you’re anything less than thrilled with the insight you’re getting from your analytics package, let one of our expert giggers guide you to the light. While any analytics information is helpful, mediocrity is contagious. Start with mediocre insight, and you’ll end up with mediocre results. A savvy Google Analytics 4 (GA4) setup gives you the insight you need to fine-tune your marketing machine into a scalable flywheel. If you want to reach for the stars, start by getting a good look inside your website with an expert GA4 setup.

Why should I get this service?

You’ll understand where you’re wasting money and where your existing efforts are most effective. A smart Google Analytics 4 setup will save you time and money by identifying the marketing efforts that aren’t working and reallocating budget from them to your top-performing activities. You’ll also be able to see where the leaks in your funnels are, even if they’re generally performing well. An expert GA4 setup helps you spot these kinds of problems and fix them.

What integration requests are covered? For example, can I get specific tracking customization for my DSP integration?

We’d love to discuss your integration needs with you. If they’re too complex to fit in the scope of this gig, we can design and price a premium gig just for you!

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