Google Ads for E-Commerce

  • E-Commerce Set Up Service
  • Optimized product feed
  • Ongoing management

Google Ads for E-Commerce

Viral Octopus will help you to build a perfectly optimized product feed, get your products listed on Google Shopping, and run campaigns to reach potential customers when they are actively looking for similar products. We recommend you begin with our set up Gig and then choose one of three gigs based on budget size, Startup for up to $1,500, Growth for >$1,500 to $10,000, and Scale Up for over $10,000.
  • ★   E-Commerce Set Up Service

  • ★   Optimized product feed

  • ★   Ongoing management

What you can expect

Google Shopping is a powerful, PPC-based advertising channel for e-commerce websites. It allows you to list and manage a large catalogue of items (and keep it constantly updated in terms of prices and...

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Your Dedicated Team

Your Strategist will interview you to get a great understanding of your brand, your customers, and your products and coordinate to develop a strategy with your Google Ads specialist and...

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What you need to provide

Google Merchant Center Access

Google Ads ClientID (NNN-NNN-NNNN)

Google Ads Account...

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Pick your gig and get started. Its easy!

choose the variant that fits best.

Google Ads for E-Commerce - Starter Plan

Sure, web traffic is great, but a well-designed Google Shopping operates on the next level. A well designed campaign optimally integrated with your website can take high-intent buyers exactly where they need to go to convert instantly. There are a lot of technical details to optimize, so it is wise to get affordable expert help. For ad budgets up to $1,500/mo.

Google Ads for E-Commerce - Growth Plan

You know the power of Google Shopping Ads, and you also know how complex they can get. With your level of ad spend, it is worth the effort to fine-tune. Your team can do it, but they don’t have the knowledge that comes from years of Shopping Ad specialization. Get expert help and increase ROAS.  For budgets from $1,501 to $10,000/mo.

Google Ads for E-Commerce - Scale Up Plan

You are getting results from Google Shopping Ads, but they could be better. It is hard to keep up with policies and requirements while updating your product feeds. And you need to focus more on optimizing the match between your ad campaigns and product feeds. So delegate! Get affordable expert help. For budgets from $10,001 to $25,000/mo. Contact us for a custom gig for larger budgets. 


Who can sell on Google Shopping?

Retail vendors from almost any category, excluding merchants who sell vehicles, guns, ammunition, knives, tobacco/ cigarettes, traffic devices, gambling products, or products which require a software purchase. These types of items are prohibited from listing on Google Shopping.

Will you build a Google Merchant Feed for me as part of this gig?

There is a specific gig for setup listed on this page. Ongoing management is available through a separate gig.

How do you improve Google Shopping campaign results?

We will work on product groupings and optimize them to make sure that every single SKU you are listing reaches its potential in terms of sales and campaign ROAS. We are using proprietary Viral Octopus tools that use collected data to adjust bids.

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