DIY Template Tool for Event/Product Launch Facebook Ads

  • Smartly targeted advertisements
  • Optimize engagement and conversion
  • Step-by-step expert guidance

DIY Template Tool for Event/Product Launch Facebook Ads

Are you looking for the best platforms to advertise your event or new product? Facebook is an essential social media channel to include in your marketing strategy. In 2021, Facebook reported an advertising audience of 2.14 billion. Yes, billion. And if you’re looking to attract local consumers, the platform excels there, too. Two-thirds of Facebook users say they visit local business pages once a week—at minimum. Learn to optimize your ad budget effectively, and craft expertly targeted, highly engaging, lead-generating Facebook ads yourself with this DIY template tool.
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  • ★   Smartly targeted advertisements

  • ★   Optimize engagement and conversion

  • ★   Step-by-step expert guidance

What you can expect

With Facebook advertising, you’re looking at a cost, on average, of anywhere between US$0.97 per click and US$7.19 for every 1000 impressions ( Depending on the industry you’re in, how many...

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Your Dedicated Team

This is a DIY gig crafted by a team of Viral Octopus expert Facebook ad strategists and designers. With this gig, you get to tap into their years of knowledge, using the detailed, step-by-step, and...

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What you need to provide

This DIY tool will prompt you to define your ad strategy, including determining your advertising goals, audience targeting, and...

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Do I need to use the Viral Octopus platform for this DIY gig?

Yes, you’ll need to register and log into the Viral Octopus platform. But that’s a good thing! Our intuitive system couldn’t be easier to use, plus if you need any other gigs or want to add members to your marketing team, they’re right there at your fingertips.

Why should I choose a Viral Octopus DIY gig over going it alone?

Mastering Facebook ads for events and product launches takes a lot of time. There’s defining your ad strategy and audience, designing effective ad assets, writing compelling copy, A/B testing your ads… The list goes on! Are you really prepared to do that all on your own? This DIY gig offers you a valuable shortcut to expert Facebook ad creation.

I understand this is a DIY gig, but can I get help if I need it?

If you don’t understand any portion of this gig or want to ask a question about the content, you can reach out to the Viral Octopus team at any time via the chat function in the bottom right-hand corner of the website.

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