FAQ Giggers

Why do I need to sign an NDA contract to be part of Viral Octopus?

Viral Octopus guidelines and tools are proprietary. You must agree not to share our secret recipes for excellence.

How do you assign a gig to a gigger?

When a client purchases a gig, the Happiness Algorithm kicks into gear automatically, searching for the ideal candidates based on response to the Happiness Survey, their skills, test results, and ratings from prior gigs. The top three candidates get an email invitation and whoever responds first gets the gig.

How much will I earn?

Payout varies by gig. Your payment depends on what gigs you get and how many rounds the client requests. Once you have completed a short survey and signed the NDA document, you will get access to gig information including the payout for your role.

How long is a gig?

For recurring gigs, each gig cycle is 28 days long. The gig cycle is called “Round”. Some one-time gigs have different lengths.

When will I be paid?

You choose when to withdraw your payments from your Viral Octopus wallet. (This feature is helpful for tax planning if you want to defer income.) Once a month, payment for all your completed gig rounds will be deposited in your wallet automatically, unless there is a dispute. If a client opens a dispute and the team has not followed the guidelines, resulting in a legitimate complaint, the client will not be charged, so there will be no revenue to pay the giggers.

How is the payout calculated?

There is a standardized amount for every role for every gig and is commensurate with the average time required based on the collective’s prior experience and value of the particular type of expertise required.

When will a gig end?

Your strategist or the client can remove an individual from the gig if they are not following the guidelines for their role, but if you do a good job, that won’t happen. Why just aim for good? Strive to do an excellent job. For one thing, isn’t it more fun to do work that you can be truly proud of?
And besides, a gig can potentially go on forever if your team can keep delivering service that keeps the client happy. It’s up to the client to renew the gig, so strive for excellence to ensure they will keep coming back for more.