FAQ Giggers

Why do I need to sign an NDA contract to be part of Viral Octopus?

That is needed to protect the information we have into the guideline.

How can you adjudicate a gig to a gigger?

After the purchase from the client, we will send an email to the 3 giggers that will better match the requirements.
The first who will reply will get the gig.

How much will I earn?

After completing the short survey and signing the NDA document, you will access the guidelines with the gig information and your payout.

How long is a gig?

Each gig cycle is 28 days long. The gig cycle is called “Round”.

When will I be paid?

After every gig cycle, so one month, if the guideline will be followed correctly.
Otherwise, if the client will open a dispute, we won’t charge him and the specialists won’t be paid.

How is the payout calculated?

The amount is commensurated to the effort needed for every gig, and as a result of the experience we had working with our collective.

When will the collaboration stops?

We can cancel it after the first month, or during it in exceptional cases (eg. the strategist notices that even after recalls, a specialist is not following the guidelines). Anyway, we think is better for everybody to keep working long-term.