Pietro Bonomo

Visionary and Founder


I consider myself an “Evangelist of the new digital era.”

I owe it all to internet and its potential. I saw the birth of internet, it’s growth and it becoming universal. It has given me the economic stability and the happiness of living my life as I have always dreamed of.
Through the network I have seen people unite against governments, the eruption of revolutions, exposure of fraudsters and dreams coming true for entrepreneurs.

After 14 years of experience in e-commerce, wholesale, retail and customer acquisition for franchising. Four years ago I adapted to the cause of Lean Innovation. I decided to dissect the digital world starting from my past entrepreneurial experience, to adapt the principles of Lean Innovation, usually intended for large companies, to small and medium enterprise.

After 4 years of study I finally created the Viral Octopus Loop. A system of design, development and management of e-commerces, based on eight key pillars. Like the eight tentacles of the octopus: business modeling, planning, experience selling proposition, development, growth hacking, trends hunting, analytics and optimization.

My intention is provide your company with the tools for a successful e-commerce, so that you will be the next dreamer to become a successful entrepreneur.

My thoughts and visions.

Silicon Reich: The new autarchy from the Silicon Valley

I am writing this article with a little embarrassment, as I type these words on the plane, on my iPhone. Most probably I will share it on Facebook and someone, one day, will find it through the pages of Google search results. All actors of my lucubration that follows. I am writing this article because, […]

eCommerce. Cash cow or money down the toilet?

The question I would ask myself before starting any online business is: is it worth selling online? Look at these numbers from the Google Consumer Barometer. What do our potential clients do when they are online and want to make a purchase? It seems that most people look for inspiration, compare prices and functionality or seek […]

Marketing strategy: designing the user’s journey with a storyboard

Who is at the center of your business? You should realize that you are not the center of your business, nor is your idea. You know who should be at the center of your business. The center of your business is your client or end user. How can you build the path your user will […]

Digital Marketing: How Much Does It Cost?

This is one of those questions that can keep us up at night worrying. What is on your shopping list? Product, websites, user experience, legal incorporation and launch. It can all add up to a devastating bleeding of money that leaves us broke just before the coveted moment of achieving profitability. If this is your […]

Web Marketing: estimate the size of the market with tools from Google and Facebook

I have an idea! The consumer has a need that I can satisfy. How much money can I make? After defining a business model, creating a marketing plan and understanding who our communication should be aimed at, how can we estimate our potential market? Starting from the profile of the customer that we have created […]

How to design a business model

Yesterday’s methods of business planning will not work today. In the past, a static business plan could provide you reliable guidelines and forecasts for business development over a 3 to 5-year time horizon, without having to make a lot of changes or including complex conditions. Today the speed with which conditions, technologies, and tools are modified […]

Marketing Consultant: Specialist, Multi-Talent, or Guru?

Are you a specialist or are you multi-talented? Which is better? Initially, being present online seems within everyone’s reach. It is easy with self-service platforms. Open an account and get your hands dirty. What does it take? Marketing Strategy? If you want to sell, yes! Two photos on Instagram, three posts on Facebook, the first […]

Introducing Viral Octopus Beta 2

The first thing to do was to select the best experts, regardless of their geographical location. Since time immemorial, rites of passage have always been marked by tests. The ritual and the test To join the Viral Octopus Community of professionals, you do not have to send a pumped-up resume, an easily falsifiable portfolio, or dubious […]

Viral Octopus Beta v2.5 “Ulu” is coming

Uluwatu (Ulu) is one of Indonesia’s dream waves. Long, big, powerful, barreling. You enter and exit a narrow cave with a crazy current that threatens to drag you into the rocks. It is risky and exhausting to attempt, but not surfing that wave means missing an opportunity to enter a sacred place. However, that place […]

Be Human. How to increase revenue by loving others

I could have had the cover of Forbes at 25 and instead … I could have been a multi-billionaire at 30 and instead … I could have seen my story told in universities at 40 and instead … None of this has happened yet, despite the talent and skills. I have to start this reflection […]

Introducing H.alg: disrupting the outsourcing market

Comparing Delegation Solutions possible: Marketplace Vs. Agency Vs.Viral Octopus There are dozens of more or less effective delegation solutions. Contractors and their clients to collaborate remotely. Fiverr, PeoplePerHour and design99 allow independent freelancers to offer their services at a base price. Then, there is a myriad of marketplaces, that, to a certain extent are either successful or […]