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Do you have a stand-out service designed to help (or already helping) digital businesses?


Then you’re in luck! We’re on a mission to bring together the very best digital services on the market today in one easy-to-access location. And we’re looking for companies just like yours.

You know how it goes. You hit a roadblock and realise you need a specific service to make your business more efficient, get better leads, organise your team… the list goes on. And you need it yesterday.

But you waste a lot of time hunting down the very best vendors: getting referrals from friends and mentors, asking friends, trawling through freelance platforms, or digging around on LinkedIn. And when you finally find the right person or agency, you have to interview them, brief them, learn their lingo.

You just want the job done.

Well, guess what? Our clients have all those same pain points. They, too, need those services—and they need them right now.

Viral Octopus acts as the missing link. When a client expresses interest in one of our services, our algorithm handpicks a mentor who will guide them through using that service, ensuring the job’s completed on time, on budget, and in the most efficient way possible.

The service that the client chooses could be the service you offer.

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