Do you want an easy way to organize your ads, access new channels, and optimize bidding?

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Viralocoptus Adink is a programmatic DSP ad-buying platform that makes it easy to buy traffic on all different media in all kinds of formats.

You can save up to 80% compared to costs on other platforms. Use it on your own or get affordable help from our vetted collective of marketing experts.

Now you can get your message across on all the best channels with a powerful FREE tool


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How Does It Work? It’s Easy!

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Activate Rules

Switch on bidding rules in your ad campaign setup

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Choose Goals

Choose advertising goals like CTR, CPA or CR to be achieved

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Get Automated Results

The demand-side platform analyzes results driven by every source

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Automatically Focus On The Good

Publishers that meet the ad goals you defined move to the whitelist

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And Drop the Bad

Publishers that don't reach your desired ad goals will be blacklisted

Don’t Limit Your Creativity — Get Top-performing Ad Formats

The Viraloctopus Adink DSP makes it easy to set up responsive ads and create the perfect connection with a wide variety of options for engaging desktop, display, mobile, in-app & video ads. Plus your free account includes unlimited online storage to make it easier to keep your creatives organized all in one place.

Banner Ad

Banner Ad

Easy individual HTML banner setup or “Massive Banner Upload” to add an unlimited number of banner creatives to your account.

Reach Your Customers In New Ways With Viraloctopus Adink

Put your ads in front of the right users in the right channel, whether that is mobile, desk-top, or in-app advertising, including video ad format options. Our curated list of suppliers helps you focus on the best options.

You can even get your ads placed on broadcast TV or famous publications like the Wall Street Journal. The choice is yours! Buy exactly what you want and get the most out of your ad spend.

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