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Introducing Viral Octopus Beta 2

The first thing to do was to select the best experts, regardless of their geographical location. Since time immemorial, rites of passage have always been marked by tests. The ritual and the test To join the Viral Octopus Community of professionals, you do not have to send a pumped-up resume, an easily falsifiable portfolio, or dubious […]

Marketing Consultant: Specialist, Multi-Talent, or...

Are you a specialist or are you multi-talented? Which is better? Initially, being present online seems within everyone’s reach. It is easy with self-service platforms. Open an account and get your hands dirty. What does it take? Marketing Strategy? If you want to sell, yes! Two photos on Instagram, three posts on Facebook, the first […]

How to design a business model

Yesterday’s methods of business planning will not work today. In the past, a static business plan could provide you reliable guidelines and forecasts for business development over a 3 to 5-year time horizon, without having to make a lot of changes or including complex conditions. Today the speed with which conditions, technologies, and tools are modified […]

Web Marketing: estimate the size of the market with...

I have an idea! The consumer has a need that I can satisfy. How much money can I make? After defining a business model, creating a marketing plan and understanding who our communication should be aimed at, how can we estimate our potential market? Starting from the profile of the customer that we have created […]

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