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Knowing how to deal with failure is important

What is failure? Why is failure important? What are the options for managing failure? How can we address failure in an organizational context? Failure is often considered a taboo or an outcome to be avoided at all costs. I would like to give you some insight into failure by presenting some best practices from the […]

Introducing H.alg: disrupting the outsourcing market

Comparing Delegation Solutions possible: Marketplace Vs. Agency Vs.Viral Octopus There are dozens of more or less effective delegation solutions. Contractors and their clients to collaborate remotely. Fiverr, PeoplePerHour and design99 allow independent freelancers to offer their services at a base price. Then, there is a myriad of marketplaces, that, to a certain extent are either successful or […]

A Closer Look at the Concept of Customer Experience...

The concept of customer experience has taken on particular importance in the current complex economic landscape. In this context, consumers make their purchasing choices much more carefully, carefully selecting the place where they want to make their purchases. This is because the consumer is no longer looking exclusively for the advantage given by the individual […]

Be Human. How to increase revenue by loving others

I could have had the cover of Forbes at 25 and instead … I could have been a multi-billionaire at 30 and instead … I could have seen my story told in universities at 40 and instead … None of this has happened yet, despite the talent and skills. I have to start this reflection […]

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