Premium SEO Content

  • Four top quality content articles a month
  • High value traffic, real conversion potential
  • Cancel Any Time

Premium SEO Content

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Blow up your organic traffic. Get the right content for the right audience at right time for explosive SEO power. Real interest, real customers, real conversion potential.
  • Four top quality content articles a month
  • High value traffic, real conversion potential
  • Cancel Any Time

Sample Work

Morocco Surf Blog

To help RideWithLocal sell surf camps and surf instruction in Morocco, we wrote a blog post to provide a high-value general over view of what to consider when planning a surf trip in Morocco. The post earned over 6,000 page views in the first month, delighting and engaging readers.


We choose focus keywords based on your business objectives that will generate high quality, high conversion traffic. Starting from carefully chosen keywords, we analyze SERPs and find content that has been successful in attracting views to create a content strategy. Based on...
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What you can expect

Every month you will get four great articles aimed directly at your readers, delivering content tailored to their interests that speaks to them in a voice that matches their identity. You will see these articles appear in search results because of carefully executed on-page...
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What you need to provide

We will need to look over your website to understand your brand and get an idea of your ideal customer. Then you will need to provide a brief run-down of what you want to achieve with this content. Want to sell a particular product? Or grow your brand audience by getting people...
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How much traffic will I get?

Based on your site's page rank, we will choose keywords where you have a good chance to reach the front page of search results. Traffic volume depends on your starting page rank, how large your potential audience is, and how competitive your market is. One thing is for sure - the traffic we provide is real, no fake spam bot traffic.

Can you improve my website's overall page rank?

Yes. Over time, high quality content produces visible reader engagement with your site. Google can see this and will increase your page rank.

Aren't offsite factors more important than on-page SEO?

The starting place for SEO is always great content that your readers will love. Without that, offsite linking strategies are a waste of time. Why invite people to a party they will think is boring? First we need content that will inform, excite, and entertain your customer. Offsite factors for SEO to ramp up traffic to you articles are available in our SEO full Package.

Full SEO package is out of my budget. Is there another way to boost traffic?

Yes. We highly recommend Social Promotion Strategy. We get get thousands of highly targeted page views with a very small ad spend on Facebook and other social platforms. This has a multiplier effect as chrome browsers report enthusiastic engagement from social viewers.


We take newest techniques developed by the biggest, most successful businesses in the world and apply them to maximize your profits. With an emphasis on creating conversions, not just traffic, and lifetime revenue potential, not just a single sale, we plan, test and execute campaigns for every aspect of digital marketing. Our on-going effort ensures you are at the top of your game.


We design and produce your web pages using cutting edge techniques like "Heat Mapping" and the most current best practices to create a user experience that sells.


Want to do it yourself? Enjoy our free tools to harness the power of the latest insights into e-commerce and digital marketing.


At Viral Octopus we love E-commerce and Digital Marketing. With fresh insights and approaches arising daily, there is always something new and powerful for us to learn and share with you.